Simple to Use, Impossible to Resist

Creating flavourful baked goods has never been easier. Our products are designed to seamlessly integrate into your recipes, ensuring that every bite is infused with a burst of delightful flavour. Elevate your baking game with flavour drops that will leave your taste buds dancing.

Not just for drinks…

The flavours in our kits are so versatile. And with six flavours in each kit, you have an opportunity to really get creative with your sweet treats! Don’t let the names fool you, these kits are great for more than just drinks.

USD $ 19.99

Must Have Flavours for Baking

Working with Flavours

There really are endless applications for these flavours. The only real limitation is your imagination. So whether you are baking cookies, making icings, candies, flavoured chocolate and more, we have a flavour for you. Check out the posts below for some quick inspiration.