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Kaitlyn Stewart

It's the Bee's Knees!


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@likeablecocktails L A V E N D E R 🐝’s K N E E S ft. @Hedessent Just because a drink is only 3 ingredients, doesn’t mean it has to lack excitement. Using bitters or these super flavorful concentrated Lavender drops from can add a whole lotta impact to the end result. I only partner with brands I legit use & like. So if you’re wanting to try these flavour boosters out, peep my Lînk🌲 and use c0de LIKEABLE20 for a disc0unt! Lavender Bees Knees 2oz Gin 1oz Lemon Juice 0.75oz Honey Syrup 6 drops Hedessent Lavender Flavouring Bee Pollen Dust on the glass #hedessentpartner #hedessent #beesknees ♬ original sound - like•a•ble cocktails

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Each one of our specialty kits comes with six 10ml bottles of flavours, and a recipe card for a little added inspiration. Grab your kits and start cooking with flavour! 

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Our flavours were designed to trigger both your passion for and enjoyment of food. Our range of flavours is continually growing, and virtually unlimited. So whether you're looking for sweet or savory, botanicals or baked good, we've got a flavour it.

How you perceive flavour happens mostly through your sense of smell, which is why food often tastes dull when you have a head cold or plug your nose. Our flavours speak to the senses through rich aromas and can be highlighted or emboldened with the addition of salt or sugar. Customize your recipes to your own “taste.” That is the art of flavour.

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