The holidays have arrived, signifying the season to spread joy through delectable baked goods.

But who says you need to invest hours in the kitchen to create tasty treats? If baking isn’t your forte, or time is of the essence, we’ve got some quick tips to demonstrate just how easy it is to jazz up your holiday treats in no time!

1. Gingerbread, spice, and everything nice! 

No need to sift through complicated recipes. Start with a basic cake mix, add ¼ tsp of Gingerbread Flavour, and watch the magic happen. The aroma alone will transport you to a winter wonderland. Top it off with a marshmallow flavoured frosting for an extra layer of holiday cheer.

2. Nog-Tastic Cookies

Begin with your favourite cookie dough recipe. For a delightful twist, mix in 25 drops of our Eggnog Flavour and 25 drops of Vanilla Bourbon. Suddenly, your simple cookies are transformed into a sophisticated treat that pairs perfectly with a cup of hot cocoa or topped with a lovely drizzle of chocolate, flavoured with a few drops of Vanilla Bourbon too — becasue why not?

3. Boxed Cupcake Quick Fix

If time is of the essence, opt for a boxed cupcake mix. Enhance the flavour effortlessly by incorporating 1/4 tsp of Almond. These almond-infused cupcakes are a delightful surprise for your guests and require minimal effort on your part. PLUS you can get the flavour and ensure it’s allergen-free!

4. Fast and Festive Fruit Tart:

Want to add a touch of the tropics to your winter celebrations? Create a show-stopping fruit tart using a pre-made crust. Spread a layer of cream cheese filling  Elevate the flavour by adding 15 drops of a tropical fruit flavour like coconut or, mango for a unique and unexpected burst of freshness. Top it with cherries or a mix of berries. For an extra burst of festive flavour marinate your berries in a little sugar with a few drops of pomegranate.  

5. Simply Sweet and Savory:

Looking to turn up the heat with a sweet and savory treat? Add a few drops of Chili Hot into your chocolate or caramel sauce. It’s a spicy surprise that’ll have your taste buds dancing – the perfect way to bring some warmth to those winter nights!

Speaking of effortless flavour transformations, let’s take inspiration from Emily Hill, better known as Wonder Why I’m Fat by her followers. Using flavours from our Holiday kit, Emily easily created festive sweet treats in very little time.

There’s no need to spend hours baking this holiday season! Hedessent’s Flavor Drops are an easy way to elevate your dish! I added 30 drops of gingerbread to my cake mix and 30 drops of marshmallow to the frosting creating the festive twist I was looking for without having to spend all day in the kitchen!
– Emily Hill

Whether you’re a beginner, pressed for time, or just want to infuse some excitement into your traditional recipes, our flavor drops are the key to delicious treats. Elevate your holiday baking and make this season a flavourful one!

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