Red Wine

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Red Wine is a dark, aromatic flavour with the perfect balance of sour, bitter, and sweet. Use it in gravies, sauces, broths, in roux, or more savory recipes to bring out the depth of flavour. Additionally, mix it into desserts for an indulgent, deeper flavour, or into beverages when the timing isn’t right for cocktails. Your imagination is the only limit to what you can do with this flavour!

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Red Wine

USD $ 9.99

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A dark, aromatic flavour with the perfect balance of sour, bitter, and sweet.

Instructions for Use:

For best results, add our flavours to your recipe by mixing a few drops into your wet ingredients. For sweet dishes, whipped cream or condensed milk is a great base to start experimenting with flavour. For savory dishes, try butters and oils. We recommend 5 drops per 100g of food to start as a baseline. Taste and then sweeten or season, adjusting as desired. Flavour your beverages by simply adding a few drops right into your coffee, tea, soda, or cocktail.

If you are baking, remember that some of the flavour will cook out, so you may need to increase the amount used to compensate.

About Our Bottles:

Our bottles come with built-in droppers for easy measuring. A 10ml bottle of food flavouring contains around 250-300 drops. A 60ml bottle is about 2,400 drops of concentrated flavour. That’s a lot of recipes!

Storage Recommendations:

Our product will last up to 2 years. To test if your flavour is still stable, open the bottle. If you can smell it, it is ready for use. Opened flavours don’t require refrigeration – just store the bottle on your spice rack for easy access when you need it.